Developer's Guide

This part of the documentation will describe how to develop a launcher from scratch. We will detail:
  • How to prepare the environment to build a template launcher
  • How to implement the launcher

But before this, let's describe a bit how a launcher is actually working:

First of all, a launcher is a package including:
  • A JAR file (a zip containing some Java classes)
  • An XML document describing the form template to be used to create an execution configuration for this launcher

Launcher Package

The role of the launcher is to:
  • Read the execution configuration parameters
  • Control (setup, tear down, start, stop etc.) the test scripts
  • Retrieve the results, messages, log, traces, screenshots etc. from the test execution
  • Store all those information in XStudio's database so that all the metrics are calculated real-time

When executing tests locally

Running some test from XStudio

When executing tests on remote agents

The execution is controlled by XAgent and not XStudio but the process remains basically the same:

Running some test remotely using XAgent