Before coding a new launcher from scratch, the best is to duplicate one of the two following templates provided in the SDK:

  • random launcher (returning random results)
  • success launcher (returning only success results)

Let's assume we want to create an "imaginary" launcher. The preparation process is pretty simple and consist in doing the following:

  • Copy the folder src/com/xqual/launcher/random in src/com/xqual/launcher/imaginary
  • Rename src/com/xqual/launcher/random.xml in src/com/xqual/launcher/imaginary.xml
  • Modify the package and the static variable TRACE_HEADER in the source file
  • Copy and rename build/buildRandomLauncher.bat in build/buildImaginaryLauncher.bat
  • Edit the build script buildImaginaryLauncher.bat and change
    - the variable JAVA_HOME to point to your JDK.
    - the name of the launcher in the script XSTUDIO_LAUNCHER_NAME=imaginary
  • Run buildImaginaryLauncher.bat
  • You should get a file imaginary.jar in the bin folder...

Congrats! you compiled your first launcher.