What options do I have to install/try XStudio?

XStudio VM

This setup is convenient for a production environment as well as for a trial environment.

It's very convenient as you can easily move the service to another physical server whenever you like.
Resources allocation (i.e. RAM) modification is just a matter of a few clicks and it's also very flexible as you can easily clone a VM to another server.

The install process is also extremely simple: it consists in just importing a "disk image" in your current virtualization software (if you don't have some, you can install VirtualBox - which is free - in just a couple of minutes).

Last but not least, it will not pollute the host computer: everything stands in the VM so if you remove the VM, your computer is back 100% as it was before!

All in one, this is the environment we suggest in most cases!

XStudio Server

This setup is convenient for a production environment (it can be also used for a trial but it's a lot of work just for a trial).

It requires a more complex install: you'll have to manually install a database server, a web server, a web container as well as XStudio. Database backup will need to be setup to. This type of environment cannot be easily duplicated or moved to a different physical server.

This is a standard environment, perfect for performances but it requires more setup time and maintenance workload.

XStudio Standalone

This setup is NOT suitable for a production environment (or just if you're the only tester in the company).

This can be a good fit for a quick trial though.

This is a basic local install with no web server so you'll be the only one able to use XStudio.

XStudio SaaS

Of course, this is the simplest setup as you do not have anything to install.

However, you will need to have your company firewall authorize outbound connections to port 3306 and you may observe lower performances due to network latency. Note that even with this setup (as with the 3 other options), you'll be able to migrate easily all your data to a production environment later if needed.

If you're interested in a XStudio SaaS server, just send us an email

How to choose which setup is best for me?

There are at least 6 mjor criteria to decide which setup is good for you:
  • Can it be used as a production environment / does it support multi-users?
  • How are the performances?
  • Is it easy to modify the resources affected to the server?
  • How much resource does it consume?
  • How much time does it take to set it up?
  • What are the specific prerequisites?

Perf. Resource mgmt. Resource cons. Time to setup Prerequisites
XStudio VM Yes Great Easy Standard 15 min VirtualBox or VMWare
XStudio Server Yes Great Difficult Standard 45 min
XStudio Standalone Difficult Great Difficult High 30 min
XStudio SaaS Yes Standard Easy Standard

Radar (pros and cons of each)

radar of all the different setup

So what do you want to use?

XStudio VM
XStudio Server
XStudio Standalone