Report Generator

XStudio comes with a report generator called XReportGenerator that you can run through the command line on any computer.
  • On Windows platforms, you can find it in the bin folder. The executable is named xreportgenerator.exe
  • On MacOSX and linux platforms, the executable script is named


XReportGenerator is aimed at being called essentially programmatically.


To Trigger the generation of a report you will just have to call the XReportGenerator with the appropriate arguments which are...

Usage: xreportgenerator.exe --campaignSessionId <campaignSessionId>
                            --reportTransform   <xsltName>          
                            --reportStyle       <styleName>      
                            --reportOutputPath  <path>    


xreportgenerator.exe --campaignSessionId 1090 --reportTransform HTML_Complete_with_stats
--reportStyle XQual --reportOutputPath E:/tmp