XStudio comes with an agent called XAgent that you can run in background through the command line on any computer.
From XStudio you can select an agent to execute your campaign session. If the relevant agent is running, the tests will be performed remotely on this agent.
  • On Windows platforms, you can find it in the bin folder. The executable is named xagent.exe
  • On MacOSX and linux platforms, the executable is named xagent.sh


XAgent is aimed at being run in background and pool the database to check if there are jobs ready for it. If a session is scheduled to be executed on this agent the session will be started on this agent and executed by XAgent.


To run XAgent in background just execute the executable. Due to the nature of XAgent, it's a good idea to add it to the programs automatically started at the boot of the computer.

Usage: xagent.exe [--alias <alias>]
	--alias <alias>
An alias is an arbitrary name that you can provide.
  • If you do not provide an alias, the name of the host will be used
  • If you provide an alias, XAgent will simulate to be executed on an agent named as the alias. This can for example be used to run several XAgents on the same host.