Quotes from magazines and customers

"If you are serious about QA and more than serious about the quality of your products, make sure to give XStudio a good try!"
- 3D2F Review


"XQual customer support is second to none. We had all our questions answered, all problems solved very quickly. Thanks!"
- Zoltan Demeter / NetAccess-Software

"The ability to run automated tests through XStudio with their customisable Launcher is a very important feature to us and allows us to run a mixture of automated and manuals tests together. I recommend it."
- Russell Ball / Amor Group


"Since we have different test types, XStudio is the test management software our company was looking for. It is making a world of difference thanks to the low-cost licenses, the new features coming every month, the wide range of possibilities and the excellent and fast support!"
- Rita Van Moorsel / Into It

"XStudio is a great lightweight, easy to set up yet powerful Test Management tool. XQual's customer service is very accessible and expeditious."
- Yash Trivedi / Schneider Electric


"Seeking a solution to implementation and monitoring our functional testing, XStudio proved to be a powerful tool corresponding to our needs."
- Olivier Boldarino / ES Energies

"XStudio has not only simplified our test management but has also facilitated the automatic generation of documents for use in analysis and software development."
- Avidh Devraj / Thoroughtec


"We moved from a super-expensive solution (...) to XStudio and do not regret it. It's so much more reliable and for a fraction of the price!"
- Dave Geffreys / Alpha Test

"We chose XStudio because this tool fits best to our requirements. The main highlights for us are simplicity of use, multiple launchers for connecting with other testing tools and very good organization of results."
- Jiri Rajsky / ZF


"I chose XStudio because itís easy to use and effective. But the even better point is that the support team is really reactive and available for customers. I recommend it!"
- Xavier Alexandre / PRESCOM

"Our QA loved this from the first day: XStudio met all requirements, was easy to integrate and has a very responsive support team. Our developers first hated it, fearing efforts or unreliable test results. Thatís long time ago Ė because now we can tell them very quickly when something goes wrong, speeding up the resolution time and minimizing the efforts for fixing it!"
- Jan Sandberger / Lindenbaum


"XQual allowed us to fully catalog our clientís requirements and produce requirements and test coverage reports. This allowed us to demonstrate to our clients which requirements had been successfully implemented, which had errors and which had not been delivered yet."
- Geoff Endris / Stonemill Consulting

"Each day, XStudio helps us managing our tests campaigns. We use this solution since 4 years to track traceability between requirements, specifications and tests and to perform our campaigns manually. We moved from a more expensive tool to XStudio. Strongly recommended!"
- Laurent Gilles / Supersonic imagine


"I love this ALM! We use it for manual as well as automated testing (Selenium, JUnit, JMeter etc.) with a great success!"
- Mansour NDoye / Docapost