XStudio is an Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM) solution focused on quality management throughout the complete life-cycle of your products and projects.

  • It's FREE to try,
  • benefits from FREE support and FREE maintenance for commercial users,
  • provides FREE access to e-learning,
  • works on-premises or is served from the cloud,
  • is billed per named ACTIVE user per YEAR.

Since 2008, XStudio is used by Hundreds of companies in any sector : Defense, Finance, Retail, Energy, Automobile, Health, Aeronautics, Services ...

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Currently in its Third major release, it is avalaible in 3 editions (PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE) and provides a large set of features:

Project and Product life-cycle management
  • Agile, V-Model, RUP, Kanban or your own methodology

  • Integrated management of ALL entities involved in your product's life-cycle
  • Team /Squad and users
  • Projects, products, releases and sprints
  • Any type of requirement, be it stories, use cases, formal or soft requirements
  • Technical Specifications (is optional)
  • Assets(environments, datasets, resources
  • Tests and Test Cases
  • Exploratory Sessions
  • Test Campaigns and Sessions
  • Coverage, plan and quality Reports
  • Defects
  • Easy to manage bidirectional traceability
KPI for Decision makers
  • One-click progression assessment on requirements and specifications completion
  • One-click testability and quality assessment
  • Radar based at-a-glance sanity assessment before move to production
  • Quality driven development assessment using the test pyramid

  • see our 2 mn Smart KPI video

Visual Data analysis (out of the box)
  • Out-of-the-box dimension-based and time-based data analysis diagrams for any object
  • Dashboard including your assignments and your favorite charts/metrics
  • Export/Generation of One-click Reports in xml, html, csv (Excel) and docx (Word) formats

  • SUTs coverage
  • SUTs results
  • Requirements coverage/results
  • Specification coverage/results
  • History of all test executions
  • Campaign coverage/results
  • Campaign trends/progress
  • Campaign results comparison (per configuration/operator/agent)
  • Defect metrics per status/per user
  • Defect submission rate vs resolution rate trend
  • Graph of dependencies between tests
  • Graph of dependencies between tests
  • Tracking of test readiness for manual/automated execution
  • Tracking of bugs status (submission rate vs resolution rate)
  • Tracking of scrum projects (velocity graph automatically generated)
  • Tracking of user's calendar/absences and holidays management
  • Real-time status on on-going test campaigns as they are running
  • Monitoring of resources during testing
  • Generation of coverage metrics on any sub-domains of requirements, specifications and tests
  • Automatic generation of the traceability matrix
  • Always-on visual real-time statistics and clues
Quality focus
  • Support for automated and manual tests execution
  • Dedicated exploratory testing module based on Session-Based Test Management
  • Automatic conversion of exploratory notes to scripted tests
  • 5 different interfaces to execute your manual tests the way you prefer
  • Ability to control automated script's version-controlled files
  • Automatic scan/referencing of automated tests scripts
  • Shared/Reusable test cases
  • Test case parameterization (including the powerful pairwise algorithm)
  • Real-time execution graph stored
  • Execution of the tests on several agents simultaneously (and on N independent threads on each if necessary)
  • Dependencies between tests
  • Automatic scaffolding of tests from Requirements or specifications
Enabling DevOps
  • Connectors to any Continuous Integration environment including Bamboo, Jenkins and Hudson
  • 75+ different launchers to execute your automated tests (incl. QTP/UFT, Selenium, JMeter, Robot Framework, Cucumber, Sahi, Ranorex, SilkTest, TestComplete, soapUI, webui, TestPartner, AutoIt, Squish, JUnit, Nunit, xUnit.net, pyUnit, TestNG, Marathon, TestStand, etc.)
  • Distributed tests on remote computer(s)
  • Scheduled test campaigns execution
  • Tracing of results in real-time during execution
  • Merging and consolidation of results
  • Rule based execution behavior in case one test is failing
  • SNMP Monitoring of resources (CPU, RAM, Storage…) during testing
Campaign and session focus
  • Smart Campaign design filtering on SUT, Requirements, Specifications, Defects, environments/assets, and test attributes)
  • Automatic ordering of tests in campaign based on dependencies and/or priorities
  • Merge of several test campaigns for consolidation
  • Generation of residual campaigns from master campaigns
  • Automatic build of traceability matrix
  • Automated conversion of exploratory test results to manual tests
Efficient UX
  • Consistent UX among all modules
  • Tree based object management
  • Web-style navigation (backward, forward linking history)
  • Wizards based, right-click/contextual menus
  • Powerful search engine (text and Id)
  • Embedded spell-checker ( multilingual)
  • Keyword and attribute filtering
  • UTF-8 compliant (support of any accentuated languages such as French, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew etc.)
  • Copy of entire folder hierarchy of requirements, specifications, tests, campaigns and defects
  • Simple and flexible open source SDK for launchers configuration/development
  • Document sharing (including versioning and locking capabilities)
  • simple workflow on requirements, specifications, test authoring, test implementation status and defects
  • Versioning and change tracking on requirements, specifications, tests, test cases, defects and attachments
  • Freeze, unfreeze of SUT, requirements, specification, tests, campaigns
  • E-signature
  • Time shifting feature to get back to a specific point in time
  • Configurable type setting for Requirements, Specification, Tests
  • Rich text field embedding images
  • Customization of all generated documents (test plans, test reports etc.)
  • Custom fields
  • Importing SUTs, Requirements, Specifications, Tests, Test cases, Steps, Bugs, Assets and links from Excel/CSV/XML
  • Email alerting
  • Per-user task assignment
  • and coming soon will be XStudio.web enabling Product Owners, Business Analysts, Users and Managers to interact through their prefered browser and devices
documentation Management
  • Full documentation
  • Attachments on requirements, specifications, tests, test cases, defects, campaigns, folders/container, test results etc.
  • Attachments are stored either in the DB or on File System
Team/squad and users management
  • User profile customization (rights management)
  • User groups/teams (access to specific projects)
  • Remote secured connection using SSH or port forwarding
  • Integration with ANY LDAP/Active Directory dictionary

Integration into your environment
  • Support for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • ALL data stored in MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server or MariaDB
  • Real-time connectors to third-party requirements management systems (Generic, JIRA, VersionOne)
  • Real-time connectors to the most used bug-tracking systems (Generic, JIRA, Trac, Bugzilla, Mantis, Clearquest, VersionOne, Redmine, QC)
Enabling compliance with standards, norms and maturity models
  • Simplifies your preparation for regulatory audits:
    -FDA (incl. 21 CFR part 11)
    -EU (GMP Annex 11)
    -DO-178C(DAL A, DAL B, DAL C, ...)
    -ISO 26262 (ASIL A, ASIL B, ASIL C, ASIL D)
    -IEC 61508 (SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3, SIL 4)
    -EN 50128 (SIL 0, SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3, SIL 4)
    -IEC 60880
    -ISO 9001
    -ISO 27001
  • Conforms to standards:
    -IEEE 830 (requirements management)
    -IEEE 829 (tests management)
    -IEEE 1028 (software approval)
    -IEEE 1044 (anomaly classification)
    -ISO 25000 (SQuaRE) (software quality)
    -GDPR, RGPD (security)
  • Enables your practices with methodology standards such as:
    -CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
    -TMMi (Test Maturity Model integration)