XStudio Forum

XStudio is deployed by a wide community of users. Some free support is delivered by this community through several dedicated forums.

The forums includes several categories including:

Support - Questions/Discussions
Support - Feature Requests
Bugs - XStudio

Commercial alternative

Companies that needs more professionl features and that care about support and availability can purchase a yearly commercial license to benefit from XQual's professional assistance:

A commercial license is to be considered if:
  • You care about garanteed support and sustainability,
  • You want some of the add-ons features that are included only in the Professional, Business or Enterprise versions
  • You want quick advices/answers from an expert to your issues,
  • You want to get emergency patches if needed,
  • You want to be notified of any technical alerts or new versions,
  • You need to smoothly ramp-up and optimize your automation process and need (free) support for this,
  • You do not want to share your problems in some public forums.