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Latest stable Version

XStudio 2.0sp8 is the latest stable version

IMPORTANT If you update from an older version than 1.7, this version includes a MAJOR database schema update. Please make sure you have operational backup files before updating.
In addition, please note that this version requires Java 7.

Latest Versions OS Release Date Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
XStudio v2.0sp8 Web Server 2014-04-16      
User Guide v2.0sp8 2014-04-16      
XStudio v2.0sp8 fat client for Windows (opt.) 2014-04-16      
XStudio v2.0sp8 fat client for MacOS (opt.) 2014-04-16      
XStudio v2.0sp8 fat client for Linux (opt.) 2014-04-16      


The installation and/or upgrade of XStudio is pretty straight forward but you may want having a look at the detailed installation documentation.


The update and/or upgrade of XStudio is described in the update documentation.