XQual delivers three different commercial versions of XStudio, each including a different level of support and an additional set of features. All our licenses includes support and update unlimited.

If you want to try XStudio, just install it on your laptop in 5 minutes and ask us for a free trial license key.
If you're interested in puchasing any of these licenses, order it now  (or contact our sales team).

XStudio XStudio
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Included plugins
MySql & MariaDB support
Custom fields -
Test case procedure grid editor -
Rich text on test case procedures -
Integrated screen capture -
Undo Ctrl-Z / Redo Ctrl-Y on all rich text fields -
Graphics in reports -
All metrics at the SUT level -
All metrics at the campaign level -
All metrics at the session level -
All metrics at the category level -
All metrics at the test folder level -
All metrics at the campaign folder level -
Automatic generation of residual campaigns -
Exploratory testing management -
Progress metrics (incl. ETA calculation) -
Public search filters -
SQL custom reports -
Suggest linked tests -
Reports in .docx format

Formatted text checker -
Results per session comparison matrix -
Results per configuration comparison matrix -
Results per agent comparison matrix -
Results per operator comparison matrix -
Test case params grid -
Horizontally scrollable tables -
Manual tests tabular interface with results at steps level -
Microsoft SQLServer support
- -
Quality metrics - -
Timeshifting - -
Clearquest integration

- -
VersionOne integration

- -
Agents pool - -
Audit log - -
Kalistick integration - -
Exploratory to Scripted Converter - -
Customization of all the visuals - -
Oracle support
- - -
LDAP/Active Directory integration

- - -
Load and stress - - -
Monitoring - - -
Auto-purge - - -
Problem Resolution
Dedicated support -
Remote troubleshooting
Will require an account with read-only access to the database
Number of incidents (per database) - 2 4 10
Email support access -
Skype support access - -
Phone support access
(English or French spoken)
- - -
Max. response time (in working days) - 3 2 1
Patch/Custom build - -
Update Services
Emergency patch updates -
Technical alerts -
Consultative Support
Upgrade and Administration -
Data-Model and Performance - -
Customer code (i.e. launcher) review - - -
Source-code of latest stable release in case of discontinuation -
SaaS / Hosting in the cloud (+ $120)
Installation/setup/upgrade of XStudio -
IT Maintenance of the servers -
Backup organization/scheduling/storage/restore -
Hardware upgrade (storage, RAM) components on the server -
Software upgrade (Apache, Tomcat, MySql Server, etc.) components on the server -
Migration of server from one geographical location to another one -

Prices are per user (disabled users are not counted) and you will be charged on a yearly basis.

For instance, if you have 7 different users enabled in your unique database, XStudio Professional will be charged $1260 per year in total for all the 7 users, support and updates unlimited.

We can also provide ready-to-use environments for 1 month (renewable once) free of charge for evaluation purpose only. If you wish one, just contact us.

Different consulting services can also be provided.

The following components included in XStudio are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPLv3):