XStudio is more than a standard test management platform, it's a leading ALM solution that handles the complete life-cycle of your QA/testing projects from start to finish: products/releases, requirements, specifications, agile projects, tests, test campaigns, test reports and defects.

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The feature set includes:
  • Authoring business requirements
  • Writing functional and/or technical specifications
  • Project management (using agile oriented concepts - Scrum)
  • Test Management, building of the test plan
  • Planning, execution, scheduling and archiving of the test campaigns (manual and automated)
  • Reporting results, progress, quality, coverage etc.
  • Management of defects/bugs (internally or interfaced with external tools such as Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, JIRA, Clearquest or VersionOne)
XStudio uses MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server or MariaDB to store the data and can be used from its Windows, Linux or Mac native client or simply through any web-browser.

XStudio also includes an open-source (LGPL) SDK allowing to interface with any type of automated tests (QTP, JUnit, NUnit, Squish, TestPartner, TestComplete, Selenium, VisualStudio, AutoIt, TCL/Perl scripts, python, TestNG, Marathon, Sahi, Ranorex, JMeter and many others) through its read-to-use catalog of "launchers" but also provides an outstanding manual test platform. XStudio is also the only test management platform that can be interfaced with proprietary tests thanks to its particularly flexible and easy to use Java SDK.

All data (requirements, specifications, tests, campaigns, reports) are versioned and you can get easily and immediately all the necessary metrics and indicators, in particular the test coverage, the progress, the quality, the teams performance and more.

Your top metrics with NO click!

Do I have enough tests to cover my product?

This is the first (tricky) question you'll have to answer. Nobody can answer that but XStudio is different from the other Test Management application. We think that having 1 test linked to 1 requirement does NOT make that requirement covered! We trust the tester and give him the ability to refine his coverage estimation on each individual element of the traceability matrix. We also use each item's priority to compute an as-reliable-as-possible consolidated coverage.

When can I expect my test execution to finish?

When you execute some tests manually or automatically using XStudio, the execution time of each test is measured and recorded. When you create a new campaign, XStudio will predict how many time it will take to execute it completely. Even if the campaign already started, XStudio will tell you pretty precisely how many days, hours and minutes are still needed to finish it.

What's the quality of my products?

This is just the ultimate question and again there is no straight answer to this question. However, XStudio is computing real-time a quality score on each of your products. The Quality score is computed from several parameters including coverage, progress and latest results obtained.

Need more?

Results Tracking: you don't need to build complicated reports yourself to track your results with XStudio.
All the results tracking indicators are available real-time.
The information is there, just under your mouse!
Requirements/Functionalities tracking: XStudio provides natively all the metrics also on each requirement. Hence, you can follow up the quality of each of your product's features independently.
Sprints tracking: the only thing you'll need to do on a daily basis is to move your task's progress sliders during the stand-up meeting. Let XStudio builds for you the burn-down/velocity chart and update the statistics!
Scheduling & Continuous Integration: you can use XStudio's integrated scheduler to execute your test campaigns whenever, wherever and however you want. You can also use the included connector to trigger automatically the execution of selected campaigns in your favorite Continuous Integration system (Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity etc.).
Comparison of results: you'll very likely need to execute at some point your tests on different computers/servers (i.e. several OS) or using different configurations (i.e. many browsers). XStudio produces consolidated results reports but can also track separatly the results of those executions so you do not mix apples and pears. However, it can be particularly interesting being able to compare the results.
Tracking of the Authoring and Automation of the tests: your first tests will very likely be exploratory or manual tests. Then you will decide to automate some of them. Even if this will go smoothly and continuously, Test Management applications don't provide any help to follow up with that. Bet what? XStudio does!
Versioning & Timeshifting: don't be afraid to modify your requirements, specifications, tests etc. XStudio keeps automatically a version of your items when you modify them. Wish to get back in time the way it was 1 year ago? just select a Timetag thanks to the Timeshifting selector. As simple as that!