Limitations and Known issues



   * Timeshifting limitations:
     - An object or a link that is deleted is also deleted in the past. Going back in the past by
       selecting a former timetag will not recover the object
     - After getting back in time by selecting a former timetag, if you edit an object or a link the 
       change will be recorded as a LATEST change (a side-effect being that you won't even see your 
       change until you select the LATEST timetag
     - Timeshifting is activated only on SUTs, requirements, specifications, tests, test cases, bugs, 
       exploratory sessions, sql reports, ALL the attachments and ALL the links between objects on 
       the system
     - Dependencies in between tests are not handled by the Timeshifting
   * Starting from XStudio 2.0b2, Java 7 is necessary to run the software. Java 7 has been released 
     in July 2011 so it shouldn't be an issue

   * Param names must NOT contain spaces < or > characters
   * When integrating with third-party bug-tracking systems such as JIRA, Clearquest, VersionOne, TRAC, 
     Bugzilla or Mantis, the containers (i.e. projects) names MUST NOT contain the following special
     characters: $ \ & =. Bug names can include any character though
   * Performance of the system may be downgraded with specific configuration parameters (indicated as 
     such in the settings)
   * When interfacing with third-party requirements and/or bugs, some report may include only id and url 
     but no more details about the third-party objects